Loft Conversions & Roofing Specialists for Nuneaton

We are pleased to offer the following roofing services across Nuneaton. At Leofric Construction Ltd we value quality workmanship, affordable pricing & great customer service.

Loft Conversions In Nuneaton

Loft conversions are a superb way to increase the living space in your home. Guaranteed to increase the value of your home by coverting your unused loft space into a fantastic new living area, you won't regret having a loft conversion by Leofric.

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New Roofs In Nuneaton

Leofric Roofing Services provides the professional service you are looking for with a new roof. With our 45 years experience, we offer the only the highest standard of service to all our customers. Leofric offer a variety of styles.

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Flat Roofs In Nuneaton

Leofric Roofing Services can deliver flat roofs with superior performance, strength, dimensional stability, long-term flexibility, weathering and chemical resistance.

Our flat roofs work is available in Nuneaton and surrounding area.

For more detailed information about this service: Flat Roofs >>

Roof Repairs In Nuneaton

Damage to your roof or flat roof can occur in many ways either by freak weather or just general wear and tear. When problems occur with the tiles and to repair roof leaks you should contact Leofric Roofing Services to provide a fast local roof repair. This includes:

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